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DEMO: ÖSTLING EU-CLASSIC 300 Electrolytic Marking System


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Electrolytic etchers are perfect for permanent marking of various conductive metals. Our etching systems use a unique electromarking technique, without corrosive acids

As well as high quality logos, metal etching is also capable of marking simple text messages, part numbers, dates, serial numbers and other required information, directly onto the product - whether the surface is round or flat. The marking process takes a matter of seconds!

Hand marking round bar with metal etching system

The Etching Technique

Metal etching works by passing a controlled low-voltage electric current through a pre-printed stencil. The current is transferred through the gaps in the stencil using a harmless electrolyte fluid and etches away a thin layer of the surface material leaving a dark contrasting finish on the metal.

The mark is usually generated within 2-3 seconds - depending on the material and the size or composition of the mark.

Etching procedure using permanent stencil

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